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Community Leaps

Community Leaps Youth Group is our weekend social group for ages 10 and up. Community Leaps offers the opportunity to socialize with peers and engage in activities within the community. Through team work, group members must work together to attain a common goal, such as, collaborative art projects, perform as a team, follow a recipe and shop for ingredients at the grocery store. Each quarter, activities revolve around a theme that lead up to a fundraising event designed to raise money for a group field trip. Past themes have included art, cooking, a circus and a short film. Community Leaps is open to all individuals with independent self-help skills and the ability to follow group directives with minimal assistance. Monthly membership includes all materials, activities and dinner.

Location and Time:

Saturday, 4-7 p.m. *Times may vary with special events and end of quarter field trip days.

Ages 10-17: Broadway Gymnastics 5433 Beethoven St. Los Angeles, CA 90066

Ages 18+ Leaps N Boundz Community Center 2106 Pontius Ave. Los Angeles, CA, 90025

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