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School Based Services

The Leaps n Boundz Preschool Enrichment Program is offered year round on school grounds. During a 16-week SHAPE America Standards based curriculum, children are given a playful and creative introduction to athletics and movement fundamentals. Children will be presented each activity in a progressive and developmental manner, tailored to meet the needs and abilities of each child. Throughout the program, children will have the opportunity to work individually, in pairs and in small groups to further both individual and cooperative play skills, as well as provide a base for future athletic development.

Schools interested in having Leaps n Boundz provide Preschool Enrichment services can contact us at (310) 821-0693 or info@leapsnboundz.com.

Adapted Physical Education:

Adapted Physical Education (APE) aims to adapt and modify mainstream physical education through appropriate levels of support and modification. This allows students with disabilities to participate and develop skills within physical education environments. The Leaps n Boundz APE program includes development of skills in movement based activities such as, aquatics, gymnastics, and group games and sports. This program features locomotor skills, movement concepts, fitness and specialized sport skills, including creation of Adapted Physical Education goals for Individualized Education Plans. APE sessions are available for all ages and abilities either 1:1, in small groups or large classes.

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