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Camp FAQs

Q: What are the days and hours of camp?
Day Camp runs Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM- 3:00 PM. Early drop off is 8:45 AM at no additional charge.

Drop off and pick up times for Camp Adventure Dayz and Weekendz vary per trip.

Q: Where is camp?
Junior Camp (3-9 year olds) is held at 5433 Beethoven St., Los Angeles, CA 9006 (top floor of Broadway Gymnastics).

Senior Camp (10 and up) will be held at the Community Center, 2106 Pontius Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90025 starting soon! Right now, Senior Camp is being held at 5433 Beethoven St., Los Angeles, CA 90066.

Q: What age campers do you accept?
Leaps n Boundz welcomes campers ages 3 to 25.

Q: What is the staff to camper ratio at camp?
Instructor to camper ratio is 3:1

Q: What are some of the activities my child will do on a “Gym day”?
Gym days are days that we stay on site at Leaps n Boundz. Our activities on these days can include arts and crafts, group and team building games, cooking, sensory play, athletic/ball skills, dance, martial arts, acting games, and, of course, gymnastics!

Q: What are some of the activities that my camper will be doing on “off-site” days?
On off-site days we use the camp van to explore LA! We go swimming, surfing, sailing, kayaking, hiking, visit museums, play at parks, and experience other cultures.

Q: My child participates in other Leaps n Boundz programming, what do I need to do to get involved in camp?
If you are already involved in the other Leaps n Boundz programs such as Social Skills, swimming, gymnastics, and APE you do not need a separate evaluation to participate in camp. Give the Camp Director a call at 310-821-0963 or email Heather@leapsnboundz.com to discuss any questions you may have. After that, you are welcome to sign up online at any time. The registration is located on the website at leapsnboundz.com/camp in the right sidebar.

Q: My child does NOT currently participate in other Leaps n Boundz programming, how can I get involved in camp?
We would love to get to know your child and your child get to know us as well as our camp environment prior to his/her first day of camp. In order to do this, we require an initial evaluation prior to the first day of camp. The evaluation consists of a 30 minute one-on-one gym-based session with the Camp Director. This helps ensure gym safety and proper group and coach placement during camp.

The evaluation cost is $70. Payment is due at the time of evaluation. A credit card is required to hold your evaluation spot. A credit card number will be collected at the time you set up your evaluation. To set up an evaluation, please contact the camp director at 310-821-0963 or email Heather@leapsnboundz.com

Q: What should my camper wear?
Depending on the camp activities of the day, here are some clothing suggestions:

Gym Day:
It’s best to have your child wear comfortable gym attire; t-shirt and athletic shorts or pants are best. Jeans, skirts and overly loose fitting clothing are not recommended. Long hair must be tied up and all loose jewelry removed. Socks and shoes must be removed, unless approved by your instructor.

Camp field trip and off-site activities:
Attire will be determined by event. Details will be provided prior to off-site or field trip day by email when applicable. Please provide proper footwear, especially for hike and museum days as these will mean extra walking.

Swim/surf/water events: Proper swim attire (swimsuit/swim shorts, optional rash guard), towel, sunscreen, change of clothes, hat, sunglasses, and appropriate footwear: sandals, crocks, or water shoes.

Please only send clothing that it would be okay to get dirty, wet, or painty!

Q: What should I send with my child to camp?
Please send a nut-free lunch and snack with your camper, unless it is otherwise noted on the calendar. Please pack a spare set of clothes, sunscreen, and a non-glass water bottle on a daily basis. If your child legally requires a car seat or booster seat, please provide your child’s personal seat on off-site camp days. This ensures they are being transported in a properly fitting car seat.

Q: Do I need to sign my camper up for a whole session, month, or week?
No! Day camp sign up is day by day. You are welcome to sign up for one day, 2 days, 3 weeks, or all session!

An online registration and payment are required to hold your place in camp. Payment must be made one week after registration or one week prior to camp start, whichever is first. If you need assistance completing registration, please contact Heather@leapsnboundz.com or call the office at 310-821-0963.

Q: When is drop off and pick up? Do I have to come in to drop off my child?
Drop-off is 9:00 AM, early drop-off begins at 8:45 AM at no additional charge.
Pick-up is 3:00 PM. Unfortunately we do not have late pick-up at this time.
All clients must be escorted into and away from the Leaps n Boundz waiting area by a parent or guardian. Sign-in and sign-out by parent or guardian is required. Families must wait with children until camp begins and a coach invites child onto the gym floor or off-site facility camp area. We ask that parents arrive no later than 5 minutes prior to the end of camp to ensure on-time pick-up. A late pick-up fee may be assessed to your next billing statement if late pick-ups persist.

Q: Who is allowed to pick up my child?
Your child may be picked up by any parent or guardian listed on your registration form. If you would like someone besides a parent or guardian to pick up your child, please write his/her name and contact information under the “Drop off and Pick up Release”. You can add people to this list at any time, either by filling out a new registration form or submitting the name and contact information to the Camp Director in writing. We will not release campers to anyone we do not have on file. Camp staff reserve the right to ask for a state identification by anyone attempting to pick up a camper.

Q: How much does camp cost?
Camp costs $130 per day. Seasonal discounts may become available for multi-day sign-ups and early registration.

Leaps n Boundz accepts payment by cash, check or credit card.
Please call our office to arrange for your payment of choice at (310) 821-0963. Payment is due one week prior to your first day of camp.

Q: Are there any scholarships or ability to use insurance to fund camp?
If your family is a member of a Los Angeles area Regional Center, contact your caseworker for information about the Achievable Foundation Baker Grant or contact them directly at (310) 258-4256 www.achievability.org.

Scholarships for recreational programming for children and teens with special needs may also be applied for through the REACHability foundation. Applications are online at: http://www.reachabilityfoundation.org/

Feel free to ask the Camp Director about any additional scholarships that may be available on a seasonal basis.

At this time, we are unable to bill insurance for any camp services.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
All camp cancellations can be made by calling the Leaps n Boundz office at (310) 821-0963 or by emailing Heather@leapsnboundz.com or info@leapsnboundz.com. When canceling, please provide the following information:
• Name of child
• Camp day(s)
• Location of camp (Culver City, Community Center)
• Reason for cancel

If you need to cancel a camp session, let us know as soon as possible. If camp sessions are cancelled with 24 hours notice, a make-up session may be scheduled at the Camp Director’s discretion. However, camp make-up must be scheduled during same seasonal camp session and may not be transferred to any other Leaps n Boundz programming. Same day and no call, no show cancellation will be billed in full and no make-up session will be provided.

Make-up sessions are scheduled by calling the Camp Director at (310) 821-0963 or by emailing heather@leapsnboundz.com. When re-scheduling, please provide the following information:
• Name of child
• Camp day(s)
• Location of camp (Culver City or Community Center)
• Reason for re-schedule.

Q: What is your illness policy?
If your child is sick, have them stay home. A rested, well child will ensure the success of each camp day.

If the following symptoms occur, please keep your child home:
• Nasal discharge: green or yellow in color
• Fever: Over 100 degrees
• Diarrhea: runny, watery or bloody stool
• Body rash or body rash with fever
• Sore throat with fever and swollen glands
• Severe coughing: Child becomes red or blue in the face or makes high-pitched whooping sound after each cough
• Eye-discharge: thick mucus or pus draining from the eyes or pink eye
• Yellowish skin or eyes
• Child is irritable, continuously crying or requires more attention than can be provided without endangering the health and safety of other children within care of responsible adults.

Additionally, if these symptoms occur during camp, parent will be called to pick-up child immediately.

Q: What is your Immunization Policy?
All Leaps n Boundz campers and staff are required to complete a statement of current immunizations and/or a statement of belief. In the event of a suspected Infectious Disease on camp premises, all families present will be notified. Any campers or staff present who do not have up to date vaccinations for the suspected infectious disease will be sent home.

Q: What is your Infectious Disease Plan?

In the event of a suspected Infectious Disease on camp premises, all families present will be notified. Any campers or staff present who do not have up to date vaccinations for the suspected infectious disease will be sent home. The Camp Director will complete the Symptom Checklist and notify the County Health Department. Camp Director will follow the County Health Department’s recommendations and notify families when return to programming is suggested.

Q: What is your Medication Policy?

If your child will require medication during camp, you must fill out a Medication Waiver. All medication must be submitted to the Camp Health Supervisor or Camp Director each morning of camp in the original Prescription bottle. If medicine is submitted in an alternative container, parents must sign that they are responsible and liable for the medication type and dosage. The Camp Health Supervisor will administer the medication as specified by the Medication Waiver. All changes must be made in writing on Medication Waiver.

Please notify coaches, prior to camp start, of any new or changed medication that may impact attention, focus or endurance so coaches may adjust camp activities as needed.
Q: What is your Over-the-Counter medicine Policy?

In the rare case your child will require over the counter medication such as an antacid, Benadryl, ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc. while at camp the Health Supervisor may administer the proper dosage to the campers. The Health Supervisor will make every attempt to contact the child’s family and emergency contact for verbal permission to administer the medicine. In the rare case the child’s family cannot be reached, the Health Supervisor will use his/her discretion as to whether to administer the medicine or not. If you would like your child to NOT receive these medicines, please mark “no” and sign an “Over the Counter Medicine” Waiver. These can be obtained from the Camp Director and on the camp website.

Q: What is your sunscreen policy?

All campers are encouraged to bring his/her own preferred sunscreen every camp day. If your child does not have sunscreen, a camp sunscreen will be used. Camp sunscreen brands include Coppertone, Banana Boat, No-AD, Biore, Neutrogena, and other sunscreens. Please specify any topical allergies in your child’s camp registration to ensure safe application of sunscreen. Camp staff will encourage campers to apply sunscreen independently. In the event that a camper cannot adequately apply his/her own sunscreen, Leaps n Boundz staff will apply sunscreen to the camper’s arms, legs, neck, ears, and face. Sunscreen will not be applied to bathing suit areas.

Q: What is your hydration policy?

All campers and staff are encouraged to bring a reusable non-glass water bottle to camp each day. Campers and staff are encouraged to drink water throughout the day, with an emphasis placed during morning snack, lunch, and afternoon break. If a camper or staff does not bring his/her own water bottle, a camp water bottle will be provided or ample chances to drink from a water fountain will be given.

Q: What is your transportation policy?

Transportation to off-site events such as swimming, surfing, hiking, and other field trips will be provided in an insured camp vehicle. Usually, this is our 15-passenger van. All campers must have a Transportation Waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian on file with Leaps n Boundz in order for any employee of Leaps n Boundz with a valid California license to transport them.

If your child legally requires a car or booster seat in the State of California, please leave your child’s seat at the beginning of each off-site camp day. Trained Leaps n Boundz staff will install the seat into a camp vehicle for transportation during the camp day. The seat will be returned to you each afternoon.
Q: What is your toileting policy?

Campers must be bathroom independent to attend Leaps n Boundz Camp. If your child has not yet mastered potty skills or if later regression occurs, we require that he/she wear a diaper or pull-up and have a change of clothes on hand. This is for the health, safety and well being of all students and coaches. Coaches are not authorized to change or wipe a child, therefore your child must be able to change clothes independently if an accident occurs during camp.

Q: What is your sibling policy?

Due to liability, siblings who are not enrolled in the Leaps n Boundz program are not permitted to use gym equipment or gym floor areas. Additionally, all minor siblings present in designated waiting areas must be attended by an adult at all times.

Q: What is your waiting area policy?

While children are in waiting areas, we are happy to share our toys and books. Please help keep our waiting area clean. All toys and books should be returned shelves after use. Thank you.