Our social skills coaches work with students on concepts such as “expected and unexpected” behavior in a group, whole body listening, thinking with our eyes, building social memories, and perspective taking. We use teachable moments during the course of a session to spotlight these and other fundamental social cognitive concepts.

Group activities are age appropriate, fun and interactive. Students are carefully and thoughtfully matched with peers who will be working at a similar social level.

Social Skills sessions can be funded through Regional Center (PW5807). Please contact us if you have any questions.

Current clients referred to us by Regional Centers with appeals, complaints, or comments regarding our social skills program are to contact the California Department Department of Developmental Services directly at (916) 654-1987 or online at www.dds.ca.gov/complaints/.

AB 1402 Section 4704.6: Regional Center appeals procedure and department telephone number available for answering consumer and applicant appeals procedure questions: Department of Developmental Services www.dds.ca.gov/complaints (916) 654-1987

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